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69: Learning a new language

Today we sit down and discuss learning new coding languages. We’ve all been programming in C# for a while now, but what new languages are we looking to pick up? And is it even easy to start to learn a new one? What does it all entail? Let’s find out together!

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68: .NET Hybrid Apps

Today we can write websites that run as desktop apps. Such hybrid apps are usually built using HTML, javascript and CSS. But with .NET 6, Blazor will provide a solution for writing hybrid apps in .NET. Crazy right? But it gets even better. Using .NET MAUI, you can extend your website with native features. Sounds great? Well, let us tell you all about it and our opinions on the topic.

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67: Managing Email

Managing e-mail is such a chore. Especially when you come back from vacation, and a humongous pile of it is looking straight at you. Is a Tinder-style application THE solution here? Find out in this episode!

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