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73: So many new things

It is this time of year again, so much new tech is released. Not only devices, but also software. So tune in to find out our thoughts on MAUI .NETs latest release, the Microsoft device updates and the new Apple hardware that has just been dropped.

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71: Virtual Development Environments

Virtual Machines are nothing new. They have been around for many years. Maybe you have even used some in the past as a development environment. But these days, virtual dev environments are making a significant comeback. Powered with Docker and using Visual Studio Code in the Frontend, the cloud is the limit. Is it time to make the switch?

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69: Learning a new language

Today we sit down and discuss learning new coding languages. We’ve all been programming in C# for a while now, but what new languages are we looking to pick up? And is it even easy to start to learn a new one? What does it all entail? Let’s find out together!

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