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47: Object Relational Mappers (ORMs)

Tune in while we talk all about object relational mappers. OK, mostly Entity Framework because of the .NET developers we are. But also we touch on Dapper, document databases, our migration nightmares and even Steven and Gerald’s mothers… Now if that doesn’t convince you to listen I don’t know what will!

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45: Privacy In Apps

Apps process data. A lot of data. But how do apps ensure that that data isn’t shared with people that you don’t want to share it with? That’s what we’re diving into today.

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44: Low cost websites

So it is 2021, and creating a website and running a website can still cost you a small fortune. Do you really need a web server, database and whatnot for a simple blog? In this episode, we discuss static websites and how you can use them on a budget to create websites for big and small demands. So tune in and enjoy the opinions and stories.

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